From Pfeifer and Seibel to PS Industry

“Change and agility, vigilance towards customer needs, recognizing new market opportunities and a family atmosphere” – that’s what has characterized “Pfeifer and Seibel” for more than 60 years. From the grocery store to the manufacture of lights for living spaces and industry to the development and manufacture of electronic assemblies. The history of “PS Industry” is one of constant change.

It all began in the post-war period in a small Hessian town called Kleingladenbach. In the first few years, the Pfeifer family’s grocery store grew into a small but fine manufacturer of table and floor lamps for living spaces. The first lights were handmade in a small factory with in-house sewing – mostly from regional materials.

Early on, Friedrich Pfeifer involved his son Hubert and his son-in-law Kurt Seibel in the business. With a lot of commitment and passion, the cornerstone for continuous organic growth was laid and the families brought light and a feel-good ambience to the houses in the region.

A Strory of change

After the early death of Friedrich Pfeifer, Kurt Seibel and Hubert Pfeifer took over the top management and ensured growth in a wide variety of industries. So it did not just stay with the portfolio for living room lights for long – other sectors were opened up: lighting solutions for caravans, kitchens and furniture and in particular switch cabinet lights expanded the product range from then on. For a long time, PS was one of the largest manufacturers of switch cabinet lights in all of Europe.

The commitment and agility of the founding fathers was to be rewarded in the years that followed. In order to meet the demands of the market and the increasing number of employees, a completely new production hall with a floor area of ​​over 1,200 m² was built in 1990.

In 2005, Horst Seibel was appointed as the first external managing director, who carried on the passion of the founders and looked for new markets. This led to the perception to concentrate on the OEM market, which is still strategically important today. And furthermore to the decision from 2010 to carry out the change towards more electronics with extensive investments in in-house electronics production.

A new Age

And today? Today you benefit from our many years of experience in the field of electronics and from our top know-how in all aspects of LED technology. With another change in management in 2018, a new era was initiated for “Pfeifer and Seibel”. Since then, Christoph Brandt and Andor Prohaszka have been driving the permanent optimization of structures, increasing digitization and the expansion of project business in the field of electronics. By investing in mechanical processing and modernizing and expanding SMT production, the balancing act between our own lighting solutions “Made in Germany” and the strong orientation as an OEM partner continues to succeed.

This led to a completely new self-image, which we want to illustrate to the outside world in 2022 with a new corporate design.